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 Hello and welcome to my site. NOW OFFERING EYELASH EXTENSION!!! CHECK OUT THE BEFORE AND AFTER PICS!!! My name is Rebecca, I am the owner of  "A Bella Style Salon & Day Spa", , where classy meets affordable, we are located in Arnold, MO. I have been a hair stylist and color tech for many years now. I stay updated on current styles and techiques by going to hairshows & classes, as many as possible to keep my clients as up to date in todays fashions or as classic as they wish with unbeatable pricing. I use only the best and healthiest products available to me for my clients. I use all the Scruples color systems including the Scruples Menz 5 Minute Color System for covering gray in the hair. I also now offer Fusion Extensions, The new heathier way of having extension without all the damage and pain caused by tension in the hair. Feel free to sign my guestbook and tell all.

 SCRUPLES HIGH DEFINITION COLOR GELS ARE THE PUREST COLOR IN IT'S SIMPLES FORM. Natural pigments that create beautiful colors for any complexion without the damaging effects of chemical haircolors. Why settle for anything less used on your hair. Chemicals can be absorbed through the skin, drying out your hair and produce colors that are not natural looking . This system is made up with a natural pigment that will keep your hair in the best possible health and keep you looking your very best. Scurples also alows me to customize your color for your complextion, for what works for just for you. No more, uh-oh color jobs! Chemical color systems can be very unpredictable and the outcome can be very undisirable, uh-oh!! Scruples has solved this problem with this natural system, It is by far the best color system I have ever worked with, call me for an appointment at (636)467-8229 and/or (636)575-8833, so you too can experience Scruples majic!!


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SCRUPLES BLAZING~~ THE HIGHLIGHTS AND LOWLIGHTS YOU WANT!!!When was the last time a stylist asked you what color highlights you wanted or did they just apply them in your hair (Good luck with that out come)? This system lets you pick the color or shade of highlights or lowlights you want. No more hours and hours of processing to get the look you want! Double processes are eliminated with this innovated new system while maintaining the health of your hair. Get your hightlights without the damaging and drying effects of harsh powder bleach. The oil lightners in this system create moisture in the hair plus tones in one single process, which equals beautiful and healthy hair. For the highlights or lowlights you want, call me at (636)467-8229 and/or (636)575-8833.

BAIN DE TERRE' SPA CONDITIONING PERM SYSTEM Virtually damage-free perms with better conditioned, longer lasting curls. This perming system will not lift color out of the hair and the formulas are enhanced with exclusive botaniceutials to nourish, revitalize and protect the hair. Sanguinaria is a natual deodorizer ingredient that reduces perm odor leaving a clean fresh scent.